our story – The Kasbah

our story

The Kasbah was opened in 2012 by Marie (world traveler/motorcycle freak) and Therese (computer geek/global citizen), both ex-corporate runners who had enough of regular office work, uncomfortable outfits and neon lights..
They met when Marie and her husband, Thibo, were looking for an apartment to rent in Oslo, and Therese happened to be renting out hers at the same time (the universe has funny ways of bringing people together :).
While finalizing the rental contract, Marie mentioned they had a restaurant in Guatemala to which they had to pay a visit. Guatemala.. "Never been but on the top of my list", said Therese, and Marie said "come"!
Long story short, some weeks later we met up at Marie´s restaurant in Guatemala (which she opened when she crossed the Americas on a motorbike and fell in love with a small Mayan village.. but that’s another story :-)
While sitting in that totally different corner of the world eating hummus of all things, the idea came that it would be nice to open a similar hummus hangout in Oslo.
And this is the short story of how The Kasbah was born :-)